WSQ courses in healthcare

The Singapore WSQ program for the Health care Support framework gives proper competency-based training on knowledge, skills, and attributes essential for healthcare support staff. If you’re new to the health care section, the training will prepare you to work in the health care field. You’ve the choice to get jobs as a health attendant, patient care assistant, operating theatre assistant, and more via the WSQ healthcare course.

If you’re presently working in the health care field, you’ve the best chance to advance your career by pursuing WSQ healthcare qualifications that’ll help you enhance your skills and improve your job performance. The WSQ course trains you for the competencies and skills needed for the job roles in the following section:

  • Podiatry Support
  • Nursing Care
  • Administrative Support
  • Therapy Support
  • Operating Theatre Support
  • Pharmacy Support
  • Pre-Hospital urgent situation health check Services
  • Sterilization Services

WSQ program certification is awarded by Skill Future Singapore, and recognized by the WorkForce and the industry.

Career Progression and Prospects

Trained leaner have fine job prospects and are extremely high in demand. Graduates can expect a secure and stable entry career in Health care department. With fine work ethic and friendly attitudes, graduates can look forward to bright career progression.

In addition, graduates who’re interested to further upgrade can also take up the WSQ program for higher rank positions such as the Health care department.

  • Apply lawful and regulatory process in a health care setting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the health care setting
  • Transferring, lifting and positioning of patients
  • Dispose of and handle waste
  • Comply with work area safety and health process and policies
  • Help patient with removal related activities
  • Perform transporting of the patient as well as dispatch activities
  • Help patient with oral feeding
  • Help patient with fundamental sanitation activities
  • Do general cleaning tasks

Minimum Requirement

  • Able to speak, read, listen and write in English
  • Certified in medically strong for health care work by passed clinics
  • Recommended proficiency rate of ESS WPLN level three or equivalent
  • Completing a booming employability interview by an institute


The graduation criteria are based on students’ assessment and attendance outcomes. Students have to meet the 75 percent attendance criteria as well as pass and complete all assessments for the health care program before they’re capable to target and receive their passing documentation. All complete qualification programs comprise practical, theory, and clinical attachment assessments.