WSQ courses on digital marketing

In this smart age, learn how to grow your company, brand, or business presence by integrating your offline and online channels. You can generate a multi channel integrating promoting communication campaign that covers the complete study on virtual strategy via the strategic use of social media marketing, content creation, and campaign management of efficiently roll out a coherent and streamlined strategy.

At the end of the WSQ course for digital marketing, you’ll learn how to utilize market and consumer research, website search engine optimization and user audit, search engine planning, and analytics assessment to develop an award winning program.

Target Audience of the Course

  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Technicians
  • Executives

WSQ digital marketing course outline

  1. Explore Virtual marketing channel – set up your virtual marketing campaign with SEM, Social Media, and SEO campaigns.
  2. Use of creative services and work – incorporating the use of creative task in your digital marketing campaigns and plan
  3. Target Market planning and research – understanding the message to craft and target consumer
  4. Campaign Optimization methods – learn how to understand data as well as optimize your digital marketing campaigns
  5. Campaign planning and Execution – execute and plan a marketing campaign
  6. Measuring digital marketing outcomes – measure marketing success with Google Analytics

For WSQ digital marketing course fee, prices are based on 95 percent subsidies and subsidized prices might for any individual. Non-company sponsored persons are able to use Skills Future credits as well as PSEA.

The Singapore WSQ is a national credential system that develops, trains, access and certifies the competencies and skills for the workforce. As a CET system, WSQ courses support the Skills Future moment to:

  • Promote holistic development of the workforce via technical and generic competencies and skills
  • Promote recognition of competencies and skills to facilitate mastery, progression, and mobility
  • Encourage lifelong training
  • Support financial development by professionalizing competencies and skills to drive industry transformation, innovation efforts and productivity

This program developed under the Singapore WSQ system is based on competencies and skills validated by unions, employees, and professional bodies. This procedure makes sure existing and emerging abilities and competencies that are in high demand are used to inform training as well as development under the WSQ program. The WSQ programs are established and top quality assured by Skills Future Singapore, which awards the WSQ course certification.